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How to access resource account in Outlook Web App (OWA) with FullAccess permissions

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Article Number : KB0014482
Published on : 2022-01-03
Last modified : 2022-01-03 20:08:24
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help


You have been given FullAccess permissions to a resource account and want to open it inside of Outlook Web App (OWA)


Step 1. In a web browser, visit Office 365

Step 2. Click the link 'Outlook Web App (OWA)'

Step 3. Input your EID and its password, then click the 'Sign In' button

Step 4. Click the person icon in the upper right corner

Step 5. Click 'Open another mailbox...'

Step 6. Type in and click 'Search Directory'

Step 7. It should find the account, then click the 'Open' button

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