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Reserving Shared Meet Me Conference Call Bridges

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Article Number : KB0014447
Published on : 2020-01-17
Last modified : 2020-05-06 21:51:24
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

These instructions and controls apply to Shared Meet Me Conference Bridge scheduled through your calendar application or though the University Operators for up to 50 participants.  The Shared Meet Me Conference Bridge is intended for occasional use.  Those needing frequent or extended use of conference bridge resources should refer to the Personal Meet Me conference service available to all Business and Basic Service customers. 


Ten 50-particpant conference bridges are available to be reserved.  Reservations are for a specified Resource on a specified date and time.  You may not have the same Resource and Code for each reserved call.

To reserve via Outlook or other Calendaring application
From your calendar open a new meeting and invite a “Conference Call Resource” as a participant to your meeting (the same way you would add a person to a meeting) and the request will be routed to the University Operators for approval.  If the resource is already reserved at the time selected, your request will be automatically rejected and you will need to find another available conference bridge or an alternate time for your meeting.  It is advised that where possible when booking a conference bridge to leave 15-30 minutes between reservations to avoid overlap. 

The conference bridge resources are:

Resource Name                                                Conference Access Code

“Conference Call Resource 6543201”                       6543201

“Conference Call Resource 6543202”                       6543202

“Conference Call Resource 6543203”                       6543203

“Conference Call Resource 6543204”                       6543204

“Conference Call Resource 6543205”                       6543205

“Conference Call Resource 6543206”                       6543206

“Conference Call Resource 6543207”                       6543207

“Conference Call Resource 6543208”                       6543208

“Conference Call Resource 6543209”                       6543209

“Conference Call Resource 6543210”                       6543210

It can be helpful to invite all conference resources to your invite in order to search for an available time slot needed for you call, instead of one at a time.  You would then delete all but the available one you would like to reserve for your time slot before submitting request for approval.


To reserve by phone 
Contact the University Operators by dialing (512) 471-3434 or "0" from on campus, selecting option 7.  The University Operators are available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Closed on holidays).   

For your Participants, provide the following instructions for the conference call

Call the Unified Communications Conference number, 512-232-8670 (2-8670 on campus). 

When prompted, enter the Conference Access Code assigned for your specific reservation, followed by the # key. 

The system will prompt “Thank you.  If you are the chairperson, please press the “star” key now.  Otherwise, stay on the line…”

(Since these conferences are un-moderated, there is no chairperson.  The participant can either wait through the prompt “…stay on the line”, or press the # key to bypass the chairperson message.)

The system will then prompt “The conference is now starting…” 

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