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UT Print Host Requirements & Responsibilities

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Article Number : KB0014329
Published on : 2024-04-01
Last modified : 2024-04-01 15:48:03
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

UT Print Host Requirements

UTprint hosts will provide the following:

  • A location that is reasonably accessible to end users
  • Reliable AC power
  • Reliable campus networking
  • Assigned a campus-only static IP address
  • DNS name is set and whitelisted for mail-relay
  • Tier 1 support within posted hours of operation
  • Signage near printer which includes name of the printer, contact information for Tier 1 support (any combination of email, phone, and location), list the Tier 1 support hours of operation and expected response times
  • Email address that goes to Tier1 do be used for device auto-notifications
  • Email and phone number for a full-time staff member in Host's organization to act as liaison with UT Print service provider

UT Print Host Responsibilities

UTprint Host Tier 1 support is responsible for the following items

  • The ordering, storing, and resupplying of:
    • Paper – Host must purchase, but will be refunded annually
    • Toner – Free through Ricoh portal
  • Evaluating the following device issues:
    • Low/no paper
    • Low/no toner
    • Paper jams
    • Properly loading paper
    • Network connectivity
    • Power
  • For issues beyond Tier 1 support that are not power or networking related; Tier 1 will escalate to the issue to Tier 2 ( in a systemic fashion that ensures Tier 2/ Tier 3 communication reaches back to the Host/ Tier 1
  • In the case of device outage due to networking or power expected to last more than 1 day, Tier 1 will notify Tier 2 of the outage and an expected ETA on fix.


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