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FAQ: What skills or capabilities are needed for Basic Service support

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Article Number : KB0014311
Published on : 2019-01-22
Last modified : 2020-05-06 21:51:11
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Basic understanding of phone set/service

  • Reboot device
  • Ping from device
  • Voicemail setup
  • Dialing plan/authorization

Cable troubleshooting and management

  • Patch device in room and network closet including cable management, labeling, and TSC tool updates
  • Trade cables to determine if a bad cable is present

Ability to use TSC tools and command line interface on network switch to troubleshoot and configure

  • View a switch in the tools and verify the switch is enabled with voice VLAN
  • Verify VoIP phone is getting an IP and getting the correct IP
  • Identify if there are errors on the switch port
  • Mapping a wall jack to a switch port with a laptop using a CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) tool
  • Setting MVAP (Multi-VLAN Access Port) on a switch port

Access to network closet

  • Verify cable patched
  • Troubleshoot patched cable
  • Verify an active link light on the switch for a patched connection







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