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Malicious Call Trace

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Article Number : KB0014281
Published on : 2020-06-29
Last modified : 2020-06-29 15:23:47
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help


Malicious Call Trace is a feature that helps law enforcement officials locate the origin of threatening or harassing phone calls.  The feature is installed on all UT phone lines.

This feature should only be used to identify a phone number if the call is threatening or harassing. Using Call Trace should be considered the same as filing a complaint with UTPD.

To activate the feature, press *57 (star-five-seven) immediately following a threatening or harassing phone call, and before making another call.  This automatically records the calling number of the last call answered in an electronic log at UTPD even if it is blocked from Caller ID.  You have to have answered the call for the trace to record the appropriate number.  After activating Call Trace, you should then contact UTPD at 1-4441. Since this information is considered confidential, it can only be viewed by the University’s law enforcement agency.

To activate the feature on a multi-button phone for a key other than the first key (your main phone number), press the key associated with the phone line called and then enter the feature activation code *57 immediately following an answered threatening or harassing phone call, and before making another call.  






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