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Submitting a Ticket from the Self-Service Website

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Article Number : KB0014131
Published on : 2021-05-06
Last modified : 2021-05-06 13:49:25
Knowledge Base : ServiceNow - Public Self Help

How to submit a ticket from the UT ServiceNow Self-Service Website


  1. As you enter content in the Short Description field, related self-help articles will appear at the bottom of the form
  2. Fill in required fields marked with * (the more information you can provide will assist the help desk in resolving your issue(s) faster)
  3. You can hover over the  icon to open a popup window for more information. 
  4. If you need to add an attachment to a ticket, use the paperclip at the bottom of the form
  5. Click Submit to route your ticket to the Service Desk

  • You will receive confirmation that your ticket is being processed by the Service Desk

  • Click Home to see the status of your ticket in My Tickets
  • You will see your ticket pending until it has been processed by the Service Desk


Video Tutorial

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