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UTMail and Google Apps

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Article Number : KB0014014
Published on : 2020-10-01
Last modified : 2020-10-01 18:10:00
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Google (G Suite) for Education Apps  

We only enable core applications offered under G Suite for Education.  Other services either are not covered under our license agreement, have not been vetted by campus IT governance, or both. The Google Play Store is not part of Google Apps for Education.

G Suite for Education Core Services

  • Calendar
  • Drives
  • Docs
  • Gmail (UT Mail)
  • Google Meet (formerly Hangouts)
  • Sheets
  • Sites
  • Slides
  • Vault

For more information on the G Suite for Education Apps, please refer to the Google for Education Products site. 

Google Labs

Since Google Mail Labs is a collection of new ideas for Google Mail, these features are not officially "released" and can change, become unstable, or disappear at any time. Due to the unofficial and unstable status of Google Labs features, the ITS Help Desk is not able to offer support for using these features.

If you are having trouble with a Google Labs feature, it is recommended that you disable the feature. You can also report feedback on the feature through the "Have feedback about a specific Gmail lab?" ( page.

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