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University Email Accounts: Getting Started

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Published on : 2020-12-09
Last modified : 2020-12-09 16:40:36
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It is University policy that all University business is conducted with a University email address. 



Available Email Environments


There are two email environments available to current students, faculty and staff.

  • Office 365 (powered by Microsoft Exchange)
  • UTMail (powered by Google - You may have up to two UTmail accounts, Business and/or Personal.)

Each environment has its own set of applications you'll get access to once you claim a mailbox.

You have the option to choose the email environment(s) and application suite(s) you use during your time here.




Connect to uTexas


Connecting to email on campus:


  • Office 365 You must be connected to the uTexas wifi network in order to access Office 365 applications and services while on campus. If you are connected to the UTGuest wifi network, you will not be allowed to login.
  • UTmail You are not required to connect to the uTexas wifi network in order to access UTmail services on campus.



Connecting to email off campus:

  • You can connect to Office 365 or UTmail on any network off campus. 



Multi-Factor Authentication


Multi-Factor authentication is required for both Office365 and UTmail business accounts.



Multi-Factor Authentication is required to access Office 365 services online. To better protect the security of your online information, the university has implemented MFA using the Duo product. This system will come up when you log into any university web application protected by MFA. Before you can complete the authentication process, you will need to enroll a device. The recommended device is a smartphone or tablet, such as an iPhone or Android device.


You will need your chosen device handy to complete this process. Assistance with this process can be found using the link below:


UTmail Business Accounts

Unlike other UT services which use Duo for two-factor authentication, UTmail uses Google's own two-factor authentication system.

This works by obtaining codes through the Google Authenticator app, or responding to push notifications from the general Google app.


The instructions below will guide you through the setup.


Register your Mobile Phone or Landline

1. Click HERE to go to Google's 2-Step Verification page.


2. Select 'Get Started'.


3. Select 'Next'.


4. Sign in using your UTmail account credentials. Select 'Next'.


5. Select 'Get Started'.


6. Select 'Voice or Text Message'.


7. Enter your phone number.


8. Choose 'Text Message' or 'Phone Call' to get a code, then select 'Next'.


9. Enter the code provided by Google, then select 'Done'.


10. Setup is complete.




UTmail FAQ


UTmail provides UT Austin students and alumni with a university affiliated email address in the domain.

Below are some frequently asked questions pertaining to the UTmail platform.

What is the difference between a UTmail Business account and a UTmail Personal account?
  • Personal UTmail accounts are offered to students and alumni, as well as faculty and staff that retire from the University. UTmail personal accounts do not have some of the required protections in place utilized by Business accounts (e.g. MFA) and generally have fewer restrictions. Additionally, Personal accounts are shielded from open records requests when they are not in use for University Business.


  • Business accounts are offered to Current Faculty and Staff. These accounts are tied to your appointment with the University, meaning once your appointment has ended, your access will be disabled or suspended. Business accounts have the same features and functionality that a Personal account has, with some exceptions. Business accounts require MFA to log in (See registration steps here), are subject to open records requests, and are valid for conducting or forwarding business email at the university. For Retirees hoping to keep their business account, it will be converted automatically into a Personal account when their EID reflects a "Retiree" affiliation.




UTmail Student Business Accounts
  • UT automatically provides UT Austin students and alumni with a university affiliated email address in the domain. Student employees have the option to obtain an additional UTmail account for Business. Students are encouraged to separate their Personal Accounts from Business Accounts in alignment with current Email Forwarding Rules and to protect their personal content.




How can you check if you have a UTmail Business or Personal Account?

Generally, if your UTmail account requires Multi-Factor Authentication to access, it is a Business account.

However, you can view your UTmail account status by logging in to the UTmail homepage.

To proceed, follow the instructions below:


1. First, navigate to the UTmail homepage.


2. Select the 'Manage Account' button.



3. Select 'Log in Using My UT Electronic ID (EID).



4. Enter your EID and EID password, then select 'Sign In'.



5. Authenticate with Multi-Factor Authentication.



6. Finally, on the account management page, look at the description at the end of your email address.

  • Your account will be tagged as 'Business' or 'Personal'.



How can you convert your Personal UTmail account to a Business account?

In some cases, you may want to convert your UTmail account from Personal to Business, or vice-versa. Scenarios for this might include retirees who create accounts of both types, but want to continue using their Business account, an employee who previously created a Personal account and wants to use it for University Business, or a former student worker who created a Business account and would like to continue using it after their appointment has ended. Account conversions are irreversible.

If you require an account conversion, you may contact the UT Service Desk at 512-475-9400 and your request will be escalated. 

You will need the following information:

  • Your UT EID
  • Your UTmail Personal account address
  • Your UTmail Business account address (if applicable)


Are Departmental UTmail Accounts Available?

Departmental accounts are not available in UTmail. Departmental accounts, or resource accounts, are only available in Exchange.



What happens to UTmail Business Accounts when an employee leaves the University?

UTmail Business Accounts are deprovisioned when an employee leaves the university unless explicit steps are taken to prevent this. For example, Retirees hoping to keep their business account can do so by request. Their UTmail Business Account will automatically be converted into a Personal account when their EID reflects a "Retiree" affiliation.


Can a Department claim access to a Business Account when an employee leaves?

If a Department requires access to an employee's UTmail business account after they leave the University, the Department can send a request to the Information Security Office at


Can Departments manage the creation of UTmail Business Accounts?

Email management tools for UTmail are not available to TSCs or Departmental contacts. Notifications are not sent out when self-provisioning activity occurs. These features are only available in Office 365.



Email Forwarding Rules


The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost require that all UT business be conducted with a UT Business account. Forwarding of Business accounts outside of business environments is prohibited.

  • UT Austin has removed all non-UT email addresses from the personal information pages within Workday. Information & Technology Services (ITS) is in the process of inserting your UT Austin email address if you have one.  If they have replaced it with the UT Austin email you want to use, no action is required on your part.  If you have another UT Austin email address you want to use, you will need to go into Workday and change the listing.  The easiest way to see what email address Workday currently has for you is to look yourself up in the UT directory.
  • To update your email address in Workday, review this how-to article.
  • Current designs send targeted email policy messages to any employee with a Business account forwarded to a Personal account. Emeritus faculty are currently an exception to this rule, unless they have active grants or grant applications.

Email forwarding mailbox settings:

Email forwarding via mailbox rules:



Faculty and Staff


Office 365

Office 365 is a Microsoft hosted messaging solution that delivers the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook as a cloud-based service. It gives users a rich and familiar access to email, calendar and contacts allowing access by PC’s, Mac, the web and mobile devices. Users may access their email through a web browser using Outlook Web App or from a variety of mobile devices. This service includes; secure access, security audits, service continuity, intrusion monitoring and high availability.


Available to:

  • Current Faculty
  • Current Staff
  • Future Faculty
  • Future Staff



UTmail Business Accounts

UTmail Business Accounts provide UT Austin faculty and staff with a university affiliated email address in the domain. Those who opt-in to the service can choose their email address and have 60 GB of email storage. Retirees with existing UTmail business accounts will have their accounts converted into a Personal Account automatically when their EID reflects a "Retiree" affiliation and can keep this account for life.


Available to:

  • Current Staff
  • Current Faculty





Office 365

The University of Texas at Austin is expanding Office 365 service eligibility to current and future UT Austin students. Previously, current UT Austin students only had access to the Office 365 ProPlus (Office Suite), SharePoint, and OneDrive. We are adding the below services, some of which require creating an Exchange mailbox in order to be licensed. You are able to access all available Office 365 services by logging into the Office 365 Portal with your UT EID.


Available to:

  • Current Students


UTmail Personal Accounts

UTmail provides UT Austin students and alumni with a university affiliated email address in the domain. Those who opt-in to the service can choose their email address and have 60 GB of email storage. In addition, UTmail provides email for life to alumni. 


Available to:

  • Current Students
  • Future Students
  • Former Students





Office 365



Current students, current and future faculty and staff


Current, future, former students and alumni, current faculty and staff email address, with the option to add an address after mailbox creation 

Email Address email address

100GB of Email Storage 

Email Storage

60GB of Email Storage



Gmail (UTmail)

OneDrive, Sharepoint

App Storage

Google Drive

Word, Excel, PowerPoint


Docs, Sheets, Slides


Chat and Online Meetings









Office 365


1. Click the link to the Office365 Portal

1. Click the link to the UTmail homepage

2. Select 'Office 365 Management'

2. Click Create an Account

3. Login with your EID credentials

3. Follow the prompts to create and name your UTmail account.

4. Authenticate with Duo


5. Enter the Display Name you'd like your mailbox to have when you send messages.


6. Type the email address you'd like to use


7. Click 'Submit'






Below are some additional resources to help you navigate email questions.




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