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Printing from a Personal Machine (Mac OS X)

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Article Number : KB0013928
Published on : 2024-04-01
Last modified : 2024-04-01 15:48:07
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

On the Machine

Step 1. In your desired program, click 'File' then 'Print'
Step 2. Choose either 'UTprint BW' or 'UTprint COLOR' and click 'Print'
Step 3. Enter EID and click 'Continue'
Step 4. Enter EID password and click 'Print'
Step 5. Confirm the cost and click 'Ok'
Step 6. Confirm that you the job has been sent to the UTprint queue and click 'Ok'

On the UT Print Unit

Step 1. Scan card by waving over card reader
Step 2. Pharos will authenticate first, then acquire your print jobs
Step 3. Highlight the document you wish to print by tapping (I suggest using fingernail) 
Step 4. Tap 'Print', Pharos will show 'Printing jobs...'
Step 5. Tap 'Logout'

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