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Campus Cable TV

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Article Number : KB0013908
Published on : 2019-01-23
Last modified : 2019-01-26 00:55:54
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Cable Television (CATV) for the main campus, providing a standard channel lineup. 

Any desired location will need a coaxial cable connection, which can also be ordered, along with a digital cable ready television.  Departments, colleges, and offices use Campus Cable TV for educational and informational purposes in classrooms, public spaces, break rooms, and offices.

This is not the residential hall cable system.

Campus Cable Request Form - WORD

Campus Cable Request Form - PDF

Note: The content provider and channel lineup will be changing on August 16, 2016.  All devices must be "digital cable ready".

As of August 16, 2016 Campus CATV will offer these channels, along with local university programming, such as the State of the University Address and Commencement. University units can request channels to televise special events on Campus CATV.  Use the AV Special Events Support form to request this service.

Campus Cable Channel Lineup as of August 16, 2016:



There is a maintenance fee of $274 per year ($22.83 per month) for each device connected to the campus broadband system.  Installation costs vary; refer to the cabling/wiring installation cost estimator.



Support requests can be referred to the Campus Cable TV group at (512) 471-9238.


Support for Cable TV in the dorms

The Campus Cable TV service is NOT the same as DHFS-provided Cable TV in the residence halls. ITS does not support Cable TV in the dorms. Direct customers to DHFS here.

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