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Naming Conventions

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Article Number : KB0013875
Published on : 2020-01-07
Last modified : 2020-01-07 17:58:32
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Describes the use of Naming Convention Standards for Objects within Stonebranch.



  • A Stonebranch user account
  • A Stonebranch business service
  • The ability to create and name an Object within that Business Service


Stonebranch permissions establish ownership and ease management of objects. Permissions are applied to objects by matching object names with various naming conventions. These conventions are enforced by the Stonebranch controller, and users will receive errors if they try to name objects incorrectly.

Objects can belong to business services, to individual users, or be shared across all users.

  • Any object that belongs to a business service will start with that business service's abbreviation. 
  • Any object that belongs to a user will begin with that user's username (EID).
  • Any object that is shared among everyone will begin with "SHARED_..."

Users cannot see each other's objects. Users with permission to view an object type in a business service can see all objects of that type that belong to that business service.

Permissions are controlled by the Stonebranch stewards. To modify your (or other people's) permissions, contact them at:


Naming Convention Standards


  1. All object names must begin with either:
    1. four letter Department Code, plus two-digit code (i.e. DEPT01)
    2. your username (EID)
    3. "SHARED_..."
  2. The underscore "_" is the only character available as a separator
  3. Use the correct three-character object type from the table below
  4. Descriptions can include Stonebranch variables


Note: the * indicates the flexible description that might follow.

Object Type
Example Name
Agent DEPT01_AGT_*
Application DEPT01_APP_*
Bundle DEPT01_BND_*
Calendar DEPT01_CAL_*
Credential DEPT01_CRD_*
Database Connection DEPT01_DBC_*
Script DEPT01_SCP_*
Task DEPT01_TSK_* or DEPT01_WKF_*
Task Instance DEPT01_TSI_* or DEPT01_WKI_*
Trigger DEPT01_TRG_*
Variable DEPT01_VAR_*
Virtual Resource DEPT01_VRS_*


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