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Incidents: Templates

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Article Number : KB0013809
Published on : 2021-05-04
Last modified : 2021-05-04 14:54:00
Knowledge Base : ServiceNow - Public Self Help


Templates store populated versions of form for reuse, and can help save time by reducing the amount of time spent filling in forms. By defining common incidents as templates, an administrator can save time for service desk members later, allowing them to focus on solving the incidents at hand.


Assignment Group Managers can create templates to share with assignment groups they manage.

Individual fulfillers can create personal templates that cannot be shared with other users.


Creating an Incident Template

     Step 1:  Navigate to a new or existing Incident. Starting from a new incident will give you a blank template; starting from an existing incident will pre-fill the template to match the existing incident, but it can be edited.

     Step 2:  From the form header bar, click the three dots and select Toggle Template Bar. The template bar will appear at the bottom of the incident form. Once this is selected, the template toolbar will remain on incident forms until you turn it off.


     Step 3:  Click + to create a new Template


     Step 4:  Populate the form with desired template information. Please note the error message in the screenshot below - this is from our QA environment and will not appear in production when you create a template.



     Step 5:  Click Submit.

Sharing a Template with an Assignment Group (Assignment Group Managers Only)

Once your template is set up, add the group you'd like to share the template with in the Group field on the template form before saving.

Using a Template From a Form

To use a template from a form, verify the template bar is turned on. If you do not see the template bar at the bottom of your incident form, click the three dots on the right side of the incident header and select Toggle Template Bar.


From the template bar at the bottom of the incident, select your desired template.

 If you have many templates and the one you would like to use is not displayed, click the three dots to view and search all templates.

Select the desired template and your incident form will populate accordingly.


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