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UDC Facility Housekeeping and Maintenance Standards

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Published on : 2024-05-22
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Facility Housekeeping and Maintenance Standards

Effective Date: August 1, 2010

Document Status: Approved

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For questions about this or any other data center process or service, please send e-mail to the UDC Request or call (512) 471-0007.



Housekeeping standards are essential for maintaining a safe operating environment, avoiding injury, and preventing fire hazard in University Data Centers (UDC).



All university data centers operated by Information Technology Services (ITS), both raised floor and whole building space, including space primarily designated for networking equipment.



ITS staff with responsibility for maintaining the facility, systems, and infrastructure. Extends to customers, visitors, and other support staff entering or working in the facility.



Data Center Building - The facility and infrastructure housing computing & networking operations

Raised Floor Space - The specific area where computing and network equipment is housed


Housekeeping Standards – Data Center Building

Boxes and other related trash are to be broken down and removed from the data center buildings as soon as work is complete or at the end of each business day. All trash should be disposed of by the responsible staff.


Housekeeping Standards – Raised Floor Space

  • Absolutely no food, drink, smoking or other tobacco products are allowed inside the raised floor space.
  • Absolutely no cardboard, packing materials or wooden pallets are to enter the raised floor space.
  • Raised floor spaces are not to be used as storage rooms.  Equipment, including wire, cable spools, tools, spare parts, test equipment, etc., must be removed by the end of each business day.  Exceptions will only be granted if equipment designated to be critical to the production support of the data center is housed in a closed cabinet approved by the Data Center Operations Manager.  All equipment requiring storage should be stored in an approved storage area, outside of the raised floor space.  Equipment in violation of this regulation is subject to removal by the Mission Critical Facilities Engineer or Data Center Operations Manager.
  • Cabinet and equipment doors are to be closed completely.  Cabinet doors and side panels that are not being used are to be removed from the data center room.  Cabinet tops must be clear of all loose material, parts, etc.
  • All cabling is to be housed inside of cabinets and equipment and with proper cable management.  Cables that run from one cabinet to another across the top of the floor or strung across the tops of cabinets are unacceptable.
  • Doors into the data center shall not be propped open at any time.
  • Ceiling Clearance – A free clearance must be maintained between the plane of the ceiling and the top of any equipment, cabinet, furniture or other obstructions. This is to accommodate proper operation of the sprinkler and fire control systems. It is a Fire Code Violation to obstruct this space.
  • Service Clearance – A free clearance of 36” (91.4cm) must be maintained on all sides of support equipment and Computer Room Air Handlers to accommodate service needs and reduce fire hazards. A 36” (91.4cm) clearance must be maintained in front of all electrical panels and fire control monitoring panels. It is a Fire Code Violation to obstruct this space.
  • Fire extinguishers, fire alarm strobes, floor tile pullers, aisle ways, corridors and doors shall not be blocked with any equipment, trash, boxes, etc., at any time.
  • The floors must remain clear of debris at all times. Wire snips and cable installation debris are not allowed to hit the floor and must be disposed of properly and immediately when cut.
  • Access floor tile pullers will be returned to their hangar brackets after use.
  • Floor tiles are not to be left on their edge leaning against anything. All floor tiles are to be returned to their proper designation and seated correctly after any activity.
  • All floor tile openings/cuts must be clearly marked with orange cones or roped off with caution tape. Equipment must be placed on top of floor openings as soon as possible after they are created.
  • A monthly review of housekeeping and facility maintenance will be conducted by the Director of University Data Centers, Data Center Operations Manager, and the Mission Critical Facilities Engineer.


Facility Maintenance Standards

  • Change Controls – For activities that change the environment in any manner, a Request For Change (RFC) must be submitted and approved using the Change Management process in ServiceNow and may also require a University Work Authorization (UWA).
  • Communication – Activities that may affect customers will be communicated using the procedures outlined in the service level agreement and ITS Incident Communication Policy.
  • When equipment is removed, holes, gaps or damage in the floor or ceiling must be repaired and/or replaced immediately.  Coordinate with the Mission Critical Facilities Engineer for this activity.  Replacement cost is the responsibility of the contractor, vendor or project team responsible for the activity.
  • Cable/wire installations that require wall penetrations, sub-floor penetrations, etc., will need to be coordinated with the Mission Critical Facilities Engineer and Data Center Operations Manager.  Penetrations must be properly patched and sealed upon completion to maintain fire system integrity.
  • All drilling/cutting with power equipment within the raised floor space is strictly prohibited.  All cutting and rearrangement of floor tiles and/or ceiling tiles must be coordinated with Mission Critical Facilities Engineer to ensure equipment air distribution is not compromised.
  • Construction activities can only occur during normal business hours if approved by the Mission Critical Facilities Engineer and Director of University Data Centers and with an approved change order.
  • All construction activities must adhere to data center construction risk mitigation standards to insure contaminant containment.
  • Isobars and other power distribution devices not approved by Mission Critical Facilities Engineer and Data Center Operations Manager are unacceptable.
  • The Mission Critical Facilities Engineer and Data Center Operations Manager must approve all space and power requests within the data center space. Panel schedules and data center floor plans are to be updated within 24 hrs of the change or modification.
  • Static Sticky Pads are to be utilized to reduce contaminants at the entrances of every raised floor space.
  • Permanent employee work areas will not be located in the raised floor space. Exceptions require approval from the Director of University Data Centers.


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