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Service Overview Pages - Best Practices and Tutorial

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Article Number : KB0013382
Published on : 2022-09-02
Last modified : 2022-09-02 18:52:11
Knowledge Base : ServiceNow - Public Self Help

This guide is for Service Owners, Managers and Owner Groups.

In order to make edits to Service Overview pages you must be in the Service Owner Group for the service you would like to edit.

If you need to be added to a group, please have your manager contact the ServiceNow team.


To add a new service to the Service Catalog:

Contact the ServiceNow team

An specialist will follow up with you to help define requirements for implementation.


Catalog Items

Updates to Catalog Items will be completed by the ServiceNow development team.

If you need to add a new Catalog Item Request Item) or make changes to an existing Catalog Item, please contact the ServiceNow team.


Editing Business Services and Service Offerings

To add new services, please contact the ServiceNow team.

Members of the Service Owner group can edit the content of Business Services and Service Offerings.

See below for instructions and options for editing existing content.


How to Find Your ServiceNow Service Pages

This guide will use the ServiceNow page relating to information on the Mainframe as an example.

1. Open the ServiceNow admin page:
2. Type Business into the filter field
3. Click Business Service under Business Services

4. Search for your page in the Search Bar

5. Select your page from the search results 


How to Edit the Overview Section and Page Icon

Once you have located your page, you should arrive at an edit screen that looks like the following image.  


Overview and Page Icon

1. To edit the text located at the top of your live ServiceNow page, simply edit the text in the Overview box. 

2. To Delete the Icon on your page, simply click Delete above the icon image.

3. To Update your icon click, click Update above the icon image.

4. You will be redirected to an upload page: 


5. Select your image and click ok

6. To Finalize your edit click either Save or Update at the top of your page.

Note: Save keeps you on the edit page Update returns you to the menu

7. Your live page will now reflect your edits. 


Unused Boxes

1. The Unit Description and Comments field should remain blank 



Overview and Page Icon Best Practices

1. The features section of this page is for the service in general. Offering features should be listed int he Offering section. See Below

2. The log on field on this page should remain blank. Log in buttons are reflected on the SLO edit page

3. The Public KB section should be "IT Public Self Help" for all public facing pages

4. Icons should be consistent with the site look and feel (black and white)

5. All icons should be uploaded in .png or .jpeg file formats

6. For more information on edit them HTML of you offerings see below


How to Edit Service Offerings

1. To edit a Service Offering, select it from the list under Related links.

Each Service Offering within a grey box on your live ServiceNow page will have a corresponding Service Offering in the Related Links section located at the bottom of the page

2. After Selecting a Service Offering from the list under Related Links, you will be redirected to a page to edit that offering. Example: Mainframe > New User Account  

3. Each editable field corresponds to a section in each Service Offering in grey on your live ServiceNow page

4. To edit the text or a table simply edit the information in the corresponding editable field.

For example to list a new feature of your service, simply type it into the Features box located below Offering Description

5. To Finalize your edit click either Save or Update at the top of your page.

Note: If you are making changes to multiple Service offerings, this process will need to be repeated for each Service offering located under the Related Links section of the main Service Offerings editing page.


Fee for Service

If your Service offering requires a fee to be charged to the user, click the Fee for Service check box at the bottom of the Service Offerings page.


Change the Order of Service Offerings

Change the order in which your Service Offerings are displayed on you page in the Order box.

Note: The first Service Offering is marked 100, the second 200, etc.


Edit the HTML of a Service Offering Field 

If a section of your page is not displaying correctly after entering it into the editor, you can manually enter the HTML code needed to create the format you desire.

Specific HTML edits can be made by clicking the HTML editor button to open the HTML Editor.

Note: see the Service Offerings Best Practices section of this document before making HTML edits

To Finalize your edit click either Save or Update at the top of your page.




Create or Edit a Log On or Manage Button on your Service Offering

1. Unlock the Field by clicking on the lock box next to the corresponding field

2. Enter the Log on or Manage URL in the corresponding field 

3. Relock the box by clicking on the lock box

4. To Finalize your edit click either Save or Update at the top of your page.


Service Offering Best Practices

1. Utilize the ServiceNow Style Guide to ensure consistency when making HTML edits.

2. All mentions of ITS Help Desk should be changed to UT Service Desk

3. All links should open in new tabs

4. If you do not have SLO information for the SLO field, please use this default text:  

Routine requests are typically addressed within one business day.
UT Service Desk staff may escalate requests as needed.
Technical Support
Technical support is available during normal business hours:
M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  

UT Service Desk    
Create a Ticket
Direct Email: 



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