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MSS Pricing

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Article Number : KB0013368
Published on : 2019-09-30
Last modified : 2019-09-30 19:53:36
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

All prices are for an annual agreement; some options can be prorated for agreements that do not start at the beginning of a fiscal year and apply to managed servers (physical or virtual). Prices below do not include costs for additional services such as, virtual services, university data center, etc.

Published rates are based on actual cost recovery methodology as set and approved by the Office of Accounting Costing and Analysis section

Beginning Sept 1, 2019

Basic Support $759 per server
Advanced Support $2,204 per server
Hourly $68 per hour

Basic support is charged for hosts that are patched using automation (excludes physical hosts)

Advanced support is charged for either physical hosts or hosts that are patched manually

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