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MATLAB Product Info

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Article Number : KB0013363
Published on : 2018-08-22
Last modified : 2019-01-26 00:55:46
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The TAH Full Suite license includes all academically available tools. New toolboxes are automatically  added to the license. For detailed product information see MathWorks Web Site.


Simulink Product Family
Parallel Computing Event-Based Modeling
Parallel Computing Toolbox Stateflow
MATLAB Distributed Computing Server -32 Worker Add On SimEvents
Math, Statistics, and Optimization Physical Modeling
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox Simscape
Neural Network Toolbox (for Deep Learning) Simscape Multibody
Text Analytics Toolbox Simscape Driveline
Optimization Toolbox Simscape Fluids
Global Optimization Toolbox Simscape Electronics
Curve fitting Toolbox Simscape Power Systems
Symbolic Math Toolbox Control Systems
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox Simulink Control Design
Model-Based Calibration Toolbox Simulink Design Optimization
Control Systems Aerospace Blockset
Control System Toolbox Robotics System Toolbox
System Identification Toolbox Powertrain Blockset
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Vehicle Dynamics Blockset
Robust Control Toolbox Signal Processing and Wireless Communications
Model Predictive Control Toolbox DSP System Toolbox
Aerospace Toolbox Audio System Toolbox
Robotics System Toolbox Communications System Toolbox
Predictive Maintenance Toolbox Phased Array System Toolbox
Signal Processing and Wireless Communications RF Blockset
Signal Processing Toolbox Computer Vision System Toolbox
DSP System Toolbox Code Generation
Audio System Toolbox Simulink Coder
Communications System Toolbox Embedded Coder
Wavelet Toolbox HDL Coder
RF Toolbox LTE HDL Toolbox
Antenna Toolbox Vision HDL Toolbox
Phased Array System Toolbox Simulink PLC Coder
LTE System Toolbox Fixed-Point Designer
WLAN System Toolbox Real-Time Simulation and Testing
Image Processing and Computer Vision Simulink Real-Time
Image Processing Toolbox Simulink Desktop Real-Time
Computer Vision System Toolbox Verification, Validation, and Test
Automated Driving System Toolbox Simulink Requirements
Vision HDL Toolbox Simulink Check
Image Acquisition Toolbox Simulink Coverage
Mapping Toolbox Simulink Design Verifier
Test and Measurement Simulink Test
Data Acquisition Toolbox Simulink Code Inspector
Instrument Control Toolbox HDL Verifier
Image Acquisition Toolbox Polyspace Bug Finder
OPC Toolbox Polyspace Code Prover
Vehicle Network Toolbox Simulation Graphics and Reporting
ThnigSpeak Simulink 3D Animation
Computational Finance Simulink Report Generator
Financial Toolbox  
Econometrics Toolbox  
Datafeed Toolbox  
Database Toolbox  
Spreadsheet Link (for Microsoft Excel)  
Financial Instruments Toolbox  
Trading Toolbox  
Risk Management Toolbox  
Computational Biology  
Bioinformatics Toolbox  
Code Generation  
MATLAB Coder  
GPU Coder  
HDL Coder  
Vision HDL Toolbox  
HDL Verifier  
Filter Design HDL Coder  
Fixed-Point Designer  
Application Deployment  
MATLAB Compiler  
MATLAB Compiler SDK  
Spreadsheet Link (for Microsoft Excel)  
MATLAB Production Server  
Database Access and Reporting  
Database Toolbox  
MATLAB Report Generator  


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