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How to setup your Office 365 email using stock application (OS X)

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Article Number : KB0013119
Published on : 2016-12-19
Last modified : 2020-05-06 21:51:21
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help



How to access Office 365 using the stock application for OS X




Step 1. Click on the Apple logo in the upper right corner of the menu bar

Step 2. Select ‘System Preferences’

Step 3. On the third row click on the ‘Internet Accounts’ icon

Step 4. Click ‘Exchange’ and enter the following


  • Name: this will be the name that recipients will see
  • Email Address: your Office 365 email address
  • Password: your EID password



Step 5. Click the ‘Sign In’ button

Step 6. Choose which apps you would like to use and click the ‘Done’ button

Step 7. Verify by opening the respective programs






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