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How to setup your Office 365 email using the stock mail application for iOS

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Article Number : KB0013102
Published on : 2016-09-19
Last modified : 2020-05-06 21:51:25
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help



How to access Office 365 using the stock application for iOS





Step 1. Tap the ‘Settings’ app

Step 2. Find and tap ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’

Step 3. Tap ‘Add Account’

Step 4. Tap ‘Exchange’

Step 5. Input the following

     Email - your Office 365 email address

     Password - your EID password

     Description - description for account (can be anything)

Step 6. Tap ‘Next’

Step 7. By defaults all features are enabled, choose to disable or leave features enabled and tap ‘Save’



*Depending on calendar entries and/or mailbox size it may take a little while to download





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