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BACS Billing

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Published on : 2018-10-24
Last modified : 2019-10-17 11:41:44
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Type of Points Reference Table

This table provides a reference of most security points listed in the units BACS billing sheets.

Panic Panic Button Bill $9.00  
Exterior Door, Entry Door, Overhead Door, Fire Door, Fire Exit, Emergency Exit Alarm Point Bill $11.00 Option to bring up to minimum security standards at department cost required to classify for Common Good. Installation cost will vary depending on door security needs. *See URL for Standards.
Interior (out) reader on inside of Exterior Door Interior Reader Bill $43.00  
FR (Function Readers) Interior Reader Bill $43.00  
Fire Exits Interior Reader Bill or Remove $43.00  
Exterior Door, tunnels, roof, hatch Exterior Electronic Door CG N/A CG=Common Good
Interior Door Interior Electronic Door Bill $36.00  
Telecom Room Readers Interior Reader CG N/A  
IDF Room Readers Interior Reader CG N/A  
OHD (Overhead Door) If Exterior Exterior Electronic Door CG N/A  
Exterior Emergency Exit Door Exterior Electronic Door CG N/A  
Card Reader Self-Managed Card Reader Bill $8.00  


Building Security System Classifications: Building 
Classifications Document



Interior Card Reader:

Any card reader located inside a building. These readers include function readers and “out” readers.


Interior Electronic Door:

Any interior opening of a building that has a Door Management Unit (DMU) controlling exterior doors electrified locks. A DMU provides alarms to UTPD.


Panic Button:

An electronic device designed to alert UTPD in emergency situations where a threat to persons or property exists.


Alarm Point:

Is a monitored device or switch that is typically connected to an intrusion system. Examples but not limited to: motion detectors, position switches, glass break detectors, beam detectors.


Function Reader:

An optional interior reader which allows for unlocking/locking a door via a badge swipe.


Self-Managed Card Reader:

Self-managed card readers are an access control device that is managed by the unit and is connected to a central system managed by ITS over the network. These devices (self-managed card readers) do not report alarms to UTPD and are only supported by ITS BACS during normal working hours. All installations and repairs are done on a time and materials work order by ITS BACS. Hardware costs for self-managed readers could be from $1000 – $2500 per reader plus installation and cable costs.. The $8 dollars a month is to have a self-managed card reader which will connect to ITS servers, software, portioning of the software and configuration of the access control devices for communication. Trouble tickets for self-managed card readers sent to ITS BACS are only responded to during normal hours, and there is no after-hours support. The customer is responsible for assigning access to the self-managed card readers as well as scheduling of locking and unlocking times. In the event of an ice day or emergency lock down it will be the responsibility of the customer to change the self-managed card reader schedules as needed. ITS BACS is still in the process of further defining the system and options.


FAQs for BACS Billing:

Can I split up security point charges between several account numbers?

Devices can only be billed to one account. It will be up to the departments to split the cost among them.


Where is a listing of BACS device charges?

Please see for security point charges.


Why is building security now being charged?

This BACS billing information was informed to BACS customers at the town hall presentation and can be found at the following URL and this will give you the information of how BACS billing came about


Will every “Alarm Point” entry incur a charge of $11.00?

Yes, each device will have a charge.


If the owners decided that an alarm is no longer needed, must they pay a disconnect/disabling fee? If so, how much is the fee?

There is no disconnecting fee. A project will ramp up starting in September 2014 to remove all of the selected devices. BACS will disable the devices in the access control software so they do not report to UTPD prior to removal.


When will the first monthly billings occur?

09/01/2014 or whenever your building has completed VOIP.


Can I activate my panic button seasonal and only be charged while it is activated?

Panic buttons cannot be activated for a temporary time period (seasonal) as it is not cost justified.

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