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Migrating Existing Machines Into UT-VMG

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Article Number : KB0012530
Published on : 2022-03-22
Last modified : 2022-03-22 14:10:26
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Migrating in UT-VMG


The UT-VMG team offers a free migration service to UT-VMG customers. We will provide consultation and planning in order to make sure that the transition from your environment into the UT-VMG environment is a painless as possible. The ultimate goal is to allow administrators/technical staff/end users easy access to VM self-provisioning available in UT-VMG.

To this end, one of the tools for this service is VMware vCenter Server Converter. With this tool, the UT-VMG team is able to bring your existing VMs (or physical servers) in our environment with minimal interruption and downtime. Once in the UT-VMG environment, the existing VMs can be maintained and serviced, and new VMs can be created, all on-demand from with the Self Provisioning Interface.

What's Supported?

  • Linux and Windows
  • Physical and Virtual Machines
  • VMware and HyperV Environments

Use Cases/Examples

  • Existing VMs in UT-V Classic, with the desire to be able to create new VMs without the dependency on the UT-V team (ticket process)
  • Running Local VMware infrastructure, but licensing is expiring
  • Running Local HyperV environment, but hardware warranty is expiring
  • Department/researcher running old physical server (one-off) and local IT wants to merge them into their UT-VMG group for easier management/maintenance

Getting Started

The two documents in the table below will give you a head-start in the migration process. The first is a basic layout of the process surrounding the migration (as well as some details on migration options). The second is a spreadsheet we'll use to make sure that we have the resources available for the move, as well as making sure the VMs get the necessary resources while being moved into the environment.

Once you've read through them, or if you'd like more information, please let us know via email (a ticket will be created) so that we can keep the process moving along.

File  Comment 
UT-VMG Migration Information.docx Document containing relevant background information for UT-VMG Migration process
UT-VMG Migration Specs Spreadsheet.xlsx Spreadsheet to be filled out with information on machine(s) being moved into the UT-VMG environment

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