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Printing Through VPN

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Article Number : KB0012328
Published on : 2019-03-11
Last modified : 2019-03-11 15:59:42
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

You can print to your home network printer when you are connected to UTnet from a private network using the VPN:

  1. If you are currently connected to the VPN, select Disconnect to close the connection.

  2. Select the Advanced tab, and select the utvpn entry from the list.

  3. Click the Modify icon.

  4. Select the Transport tab and make sure the Allow Local LAN access option is selected.

    Warning: You should check this option only if your network is private and not publicly visible on the Internet. Do not select this option if you are connecting from a hotel, coffee house, or other public network.

  5. Click Save.

ITS recommends that VPN users only use IP addresses ranging from to Using address ranges outside of the subnet may create potential host conflicts between the your home network and UTnet.




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