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Removing Old ITS Print Drivers from a Personal Computer

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Article Number : KB0012287
Published on : 2023-04-05
Last modified : 2023-04-05 16:47:33
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Before you install the new UTprint drivers you should uninstall any old Pharos print drivers on your machine.


Windows XP or earlier

  1. Click on the Start Menu in the bottom-left corner and select All Program > Pharos.
  2. Find the Uninstall Pharos program in the Pharos folder.
  3. Run the Uninstall Pharos and follow all prompts until the uninstall process is complete.


Windows 7

  1. Click on the Start Menu and choose the Control Panel.
  2. Click on Add/Remove Programs section.
  3. Find "Pharos" on the list and right-click the name and choose Uninstall/Change.
  4. Follow the Uninstall prompts until the process is complete.



  1. In the finder, choose Go to Folder… from the Go menu.
  2. Type /Library/Application Support/Pharos/Utilities and click the Go button.
  3. Double-click the application named Uninstaller.
  4. In the Component Selection window click the checkboxes for both Pharos Notify and Pharos Popup and click Continue.
  5. In the Component Summary window, click Continue.
  6. When the uninstaller is complete, click Done.




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