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UTmail at the Law School

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Article Number : KB0012282
Published on : 2017-02-10
Last modified : 2019-01-12 17:27:32
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help is an alternate University of Texas Law School branded email address. This works in conjunction with your existing UTmail ( address.


Signing Up

When you sign up for an UTmail ( address, your email address will be added automatically to that account, often by the next day. Each branded email is based on and consistent with the official UT name of record.

Please sign up at: You do not have to sign up for or create a separate account for your @utlaw address.


Logging in

Log in with your username and password. Your mail is accessed through your existing UTmail account.

You cannot log into your UTmail account using your username. For example, if your email address is and you also have an alternate email address of, you must always log into your UTmail account using the username.


Receiving Mail

Upon the creation of your UTmail account, all mail sent to either your address or your address will be routed to your UTmail inbox.

To forward your mail to a different mailbox, you will need to log in to your UTmail account. Once logged in, go to Options (the gear-shaped button in upper-right corner) > Settings. Under the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, you can Add a forwarding address.


Sending Mail

Your address will be the default "Send from" address. When composing a new message, a drop down box in the "From:" field will allow you to select the email address from which the message will be sent.

To change the default "Send from" email address go to Options (the gear-shaped button in upper-right corner) > Settings > Accounts, then set the default.

You can also configure the system to reply from the same account the message was sent to. Go to Options (gear-shaped button in upper-right corner) > Settings > Accounts. Under your mail addresses you can select Reply from the same address the message was sent to.




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