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Student Organization Web Publishing Options

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Article Number : KB0012233
Published on : 2022-09-19
Last modified : 2022-09-19 17:41:57
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Student organizations have several options for publishing websites:

  • The Dean of Students encourages student organizations to use for their student organization websites.
  • Student organizations may use the easy-to-publish University Blog Service (WordPress) at
  • Departments may provide hosting for students and student organizations on a departmentally managed server. Please contact the main webmaster or technical support coordinator for your area.
  • In some instances, a college, school, or department may sponsor hosting for the student organization on UT Web if the student organization needs the technologies available on the service, such as PHP. There is no fee for sponsoring a student organization website or for being sponsored.


Request Sponsored UT Web Hosting

To pursue sponsored hosting, student organization leaders should reach out to the main departmental webmaster or technical contact for each college, school, unit, or department to discuss options.

The departmental webmaster or technical contact would complete the Site Creation Request on behalf of the organization. Please note:

  • There is no fee for sponsoring at UT Web site.
  • Sponsoring a UT Web site means that there is a full-time staff member that can be contacted in case of turnover within the student organization.
  • The department accepts responsibility for ensuring that the website is compliant with university policies, including privacy, accessibility, and security.




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