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UT Lists Mailing Lists Archives

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Article Number : KB0012222
Published on : 2023-05-31
Last modified : 2023-05-31 21:51:17
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help


UT Lists can be configured to store message archives. Total archive storage is limited to a total of 1GB.  Reaching this quota limit depends entirely on the size of the messages that are sent to the list. List owners will receive notice if the archive has reached 95% of its quota limit. For questions regarding your current archive size, please contact the UT Service Desk.

Per guidance from the University Records Management Officer, archives older than 48 months are removed on a monthly basis.

View List Archive

List owners may restrict access to archives by visiting the Admin -> Edit List Configuration ->Archives panel and changing the access right for the list archive. Owners may also change the number of months to retain for archiving in this view.

Please see Viewing Mailing List Archives for information regarding viewing of archives.


Exceeding Archive Quota

List owners will receive notice when an archive has exceeded the quota. No new messages will be archived until space is freed up.

Please see Removing List Archives for information on freeing up quota space.


Disable List Archive

To disable archiving for a list, visit the Admin -> Edit List Configuration ->Archives panel, change the Store distributed messages into archive pop-up menu to disabled, then save your changes using the Update button at the bottom of the page.  Subsequent messages to the list will not be stored in the archive.

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