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Showing List Subscribers Without Requiring Login

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Article Number : KB0012216
Published on : 2023-05-31
Last modified : 2023-05-31 21:49:58
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

You can set up your list to allow anyone to see everyone subscribed to your list. This ability is available to list owners only.

Note: Unauthenticated access to subscriber lists also allows unauthorized parties to harvest email addresses to send spam. Use this procedure with caution.

  1. Log on to UT Lists and select your list from the My Lists option.

  2. Select the Admin link from your left hand menu. 
  3. Hover over Edit List Config and select the Privileges option.
  4. Select the appropriate option from the Who can review subscribers field.

  5. Click the Update button at the bottom to save your changes.




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