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Closing a Mailing List

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Article Number : KB0012201
Published on : 2023-05-31
Last modified : 2023-05-31 21:45:21
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

If your mailing list is no longer active, you may want to close it. Closing the list also removes the ability of a list owner to administer the list. Only privileged owners may close a list.

Caution: When you close a list, the list becomes inaccessible by the list owners and subscribers alike and the list will no longer accept messages. Closed lists will be purged by ITS after 90 days. Please refer to Recovering a closed list if you need to recover a closed list.

  1. Log on to UT Lists and select your list from the My Lists option.

  2. Select the Admin link from the left hand menu.
  3. Under the Drastic operations section, select Remove List.
  4. Select Confirm to close the list.



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