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Adding List Moderators

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Article Number : KB0012195
Published on : 2023-05-31
Last modified : 2023-05-31 21:56:00
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

UT Lists is great for lists where only a few select people — in addition to the list owners — can post to the list. To set up a moderated list:

  • Log on to UT Lists and select your list from the My Lists option.

  • Select the Admin link for your list from the left hand menu.
  • From the Basic Operations menu, hover over Users, then select Moderators.
  • In the Add Moderators section, enter new moderator's Email address and Name.
  • Select Update at the bottom of the page to apply changes.

Once you have added list moderators, you may wish to give them special permissions. For example, to configure your list so that list moderators are the only people who can post to the list:

  • Select the Admin link for your list from the left hand menu.
  • Hover over the Edit List Config menu item, then select Sending/receiving setup.
  • From the Who can send messages pull-down, select Newsletter, restricted to moderators. Click the Update button to save your changes.

 Note: If you set a list to be restricted to moderators, list owners must add themselves as moderators if they want to post to the list.


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