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Manage Page Watchers

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Article Number : KB0012180
Published on : 2024-07-01
Last modified : 2024-07-01 22:43:48
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Space administrators can control who is notified about changes/updates to pages within a wiki space.

To manage the watchers of a page or post:

  1.  Go to the page or post for which you wish to manage the watchers.
  2. Select the eye icon in the top right corner of the page and then "Manage Watchers."
  3. Specify which list of watchers you’d like to manage: 
    1. Select Page to manage watchers of that page or blog post
    2. Select Space to manage watchers of the current space
  4. To add a watcher, type a name in the Add watchers field.
  5. To remove a watcher, select Remove next to their name in the list.

Documentation for Managing Watchers





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