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Export and Import Site Data

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Article Number : KB0012145
Published on : 2024-06-04
Last modified : 2024-06-04 16:51:18
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

To move your data to a new WordPress site, use the following steps to export and import your data.


  1. From the Dashboard page, click the Tools link on the left.

    Tip: If you see only icons in the left navigation menu, click the arrow at the bottom of the menu to expand your options.

  2. Click Export

  3. Select what content you would like to export under Choose what to export.

  4. Click Download Export File and choose a location in which to save the exported data.


  1. From the Dashboard page, click the Tools link on the left

  2. Select Import

  3. Select the "WordPress" importer

  4. Specify the exported file as the data to import

  5. Click Upload file and import






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