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Adding Contributors to Your Site

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Article Number : KB0012142
Published on : 2023-10-30
Last modified : 2023-10-30 21:16:41
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

A number of different contributor roles are available as part of WordPress.

  1. From the Dashboard page, click the Users link on the left.

    Tip: If you see only icons in the left navigation menu, click the arrow at the bottom of the menu to expand your options.

  2. Click Add New 

  • Under Add Existing User, add the EID of the user In the Username or Email field
  • Select an appropriate role for the user from the Role menu. Each role has specific permissions associated with it.
  • Click Add Existing User.

Note: Please contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance if you encounter the error: user@address (userEID) is already associated with another account. All accounts (including the admin account) must have an unique email address.

Note: If you receive an error stating that the user does not exist, please have them log in to the homepage and then try once more. This error indicates that they do not yet have a user account for the University Blog Service and logging in to the Blogs service will create one for them.




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