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Navigating VoIP Workflows

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Article Number : KB0012131
Published on : 2019-01-23
Last modified : 2020-05-06 21:51:16
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

With analog phone service, ITS owns all parts of the workflow process. As a result, ITS has greater control and ability in determining turnaround times. For Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) lines, ITS works in conjunction with your department's Technical Support Contact (TSC).

Since VoIP responsibilities fall under two departments, workflow processes were agreed upon to provide you with expectations on turnaround rates. Use the workflow timelines below when planning your VoIP requests.

See the VoIP Desksets page for information on why VoIP is required for some locations.


New orders

Step Time1 Actions
1 4 Days Once the ITS Business Office receives your request and evaluates your needs, your department’s TSC is contacted to help ITS assess what has to be done to install a VoIP line at your site.
2 2 Days The VoIP deskset unit is initialized and tested. If ITS installs your phone(s), installation will also be completed within this time frame.
3 2 Days If your department’s TSC installs the phone, please allow another two days for installation to complete.


Moving VoIP lines

Step Time1 Actions
1 2 Days Your department’s TSC contacts the ITS Assignment Office at 471-7800 to provide information on your phone or phone number and its new location, and ITS will process the request.


Trouble tickets

Step Time1 Actions

1-2 Days

Business and Analog service customers can submit trouble ticket submitted online or by contacting 471-5711 (Choose option 1), and ITS Tier I Support will attempt to resolve the issue.
2 3 Days Basic customers need to contact your department’s TSC for assistance.  If additional assistance is needed from ITS, labor and material charges may apply.
3 1 Day If the TSC is unable to fix the problem, the issue is escalated to ITS Tier II support.

1 Business days




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