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Purchasing: What Qualifies as Proof of Licensing for Licenses Purchased Under MS Select Plus?

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Article Number : KB0012059
Published on : 2020-10-01
Last modified : 2020-10-01 18:09:01
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Departments should establish and maintain proof of licensing for all software purchased, including products purchased under the MS Select Plus Agreement. Such proof may be required to obtain licenses and/or media, but may also be requested by University auditors and, under certain circumstances, third-party auditors.

The following constitute proof of licensing:

  1. Resellers Certificate of Purchase detailing the agreement number and line items for the products.
  2. A University-issued Purchase Order (not just a requisition) that includes explicit line items for Microsoft Select products.

  3. An Invoice or Order statement (not just a quote) from Dell or another Microsoft Select reseller that includes explicit line items confirming the purchase of Microsoft Select products.

If asked by ITS SDS to provide proof of licensing when obtaining Volume License Keys, volume installation media, or for other purposes, such proof should be e-mailed to




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