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Office 365: Accessing via ActiveSync

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Article Number : KB0012028
Published on : 2022-01-03
Last modified : 2022-01-03 20:02:24
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

About ActiveSync

ActiveSync is a protocol created by Microsoft for allowing mobile devices (such as smartphones, PDAs, and tablets) to interact with Exchange mailboxes. Depending upon the specific device implementation, ActiveSync can synchronize e-mail, calendar items, contacts, tasks, and notes. ActiveSync is currently supported on a broad variety of mobile devices, including Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices.

Configuring ActiveSync to connect a device to an Office 365Mailbox

Removing an ActiveSync connection from a mobile device

Remote Device Wipe

In the event of the loss or theft of a mobile device, ActiveSync provides users with a mechanism for performing a remote wipe of their device, provided that an ActiveSync Device Policy has been applied to the device. For information on opting-in for this feature, see Opting-In For Remote Wipe Capability.

Alternatives to ActiveSync

Other methods for accessing an AEMS mailbox from a mobile device include:

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