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MFA: I'm stuck in a loop trying to manage my devices

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Article Number : KB0011883
Published on : 2021-07-29
Last modified : 2021-07-29 03:55:13
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Duo Security has a feature you may enable where it will automatically send your device an authentication request when you visit a page that requires authentication.

If you have enabled this feature, when you visit the Self-Registration Portal, you may automatically receive an authentication request on your device which, if accepted, will direct you to a page where you cannot manage your devices.

  1. If you are prompted to log in on the self-registration portal, do not log in. Instead, click on the Cancel button in the blue banner.
  2. Then, you may click on the My Settings & Devices or Add a new device link as needed.

If you wish to turn off the automatic request feature, you may do so from the My Settings & Devices page. Simply uncheck the box next to Automatically send me a and click the green Save button.

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