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Why am I being asked to complete two-factor authentication?

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Article Number : KB0011871
Published on : 2019-08-12
Last modified : 2019-08-12 14:18:33
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

To better protect the security of your online information, the university has implemented a two-factor authentication system certain security-sensitive web applications.

In order to access this application, you will need to authenticate using two factors of authentication. One will be something you know (your UT EID password, which you have already entered) and one will be something you have – such as a smart phone or other mobile device.

That device can be one of many options. The recommended option is to use a smart phone or tablet such as an iPhone or an Android device. If you cannot use a smart phone or tablet, you may use a mobile phone or a land line. In the rare circumstance that a mobile phone or land line is not an option, you may be eligible to obtain a hardware token.

The first step in activating your two-factor authentication is to enroll your device with your EID account. Once your device is enrolled, you will use that device to complete the authentication process when you log into any University two-factor protected web application.

You will need your chosen device handy to complete this process.




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