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Using the Windows Client on a Multiple-User Computer

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Article Number : KB0011869
Published on : 2018-10-30
Last modified : 2019-01-12 17:27:13
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Complete the following steps if multiple staff members use the same computer. You will only need to complete these steps once for each user.

  1. Click Start and select Programs or All Programs.

  2. Click UTConfig for 3270 to expand.

3. Click UTConfig for 3270. A command window appears briefly and then disappears.

The user should then click Start, select Programs or All Programs, and then click QWS3270 Secure and TN3270 should open and load the Tower Screen. If it does, the issue should be resolved and the user should be able to log on. Verify the user can successfully log on. Then have them log off, reboot the computer and then verify they can successfully log on to the mainframe again. 




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