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Changing the TN3270 Default Settings - Macintosh

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Article Number : KB0011867
Published on : 2019-10-02
Last modified : 2019-10-02 14:07:16
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

After making changes to the TN3270 configuration, you will be required to save those settings upon terminating your mainframe session and closing the TN3270 software.

  1. When the TN3270 software closes you will be prompted to "Save Settings"  click Yes and you will then be prompted to select where & how to save the file
  2. click File and choose Save Settings As....   

  3. Enter "Connect to UT Mainframe" in the field marked Save As... and click the arrow button to the right of the field to display the file browser.

  4. Use the file browser to navigate to your desktop or destination of your choice.

  5. Click Save and if prompted click Replace to update the default settings file.  


Note: You must update the settings file after every TN3270 configuration change. Failure to make the update will result in the loss of configuration changes once the mainframe session is terminated.




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