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SPSS Authorization Code Installation/Activation: General Information

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Article Number : KB0011850
Published on : 2023-08-21
Last modified : 2023-08-21 17:08:16
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Customers who have renewed their IBM SPSS Statistics licensing with ITS Software Sales and Distribution (ITS SDS) should expect to receive license codes by email each fall, typically towards the end of September. License codes are unique to SPSS versions, so it is important that you use the proper code to update your license. If you try to apply a license code and receive an error, make sure that the version indicated in the license code email matches the version of SPSS that you are running.

After installation is complete, you must either enable a temporary trial license or obtain a license by using the License Authorization Wizard. Specific system settings on your computer may prohibit the license from automatically activating. Please be sure to reference the installation document included in the email containing your authorization code sent by ITS SDS.

Licenses are tied to your computer's hardware by a lock code. If you replace your hard drive, you will need to contact ITS SDS. In addition, if you wish to transfer your license from one computer to another, you must contact ITS SDS. Please provide the order number and/or EID of the licensee/purchaser. 

Note: SPSS licenses are sensitive to operating system time changes. If you change the system time and are then unable to use the software, please contact ITS SDS.



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