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Where do I send my check or Purchase Order?

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Article Number : KB0011844
Published on : 2021-12-21
Last modified : 2021-12-21 19:44:10
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

For SDS (Software Distribution and Sales) orders:

Checks should be made payable to The University of Texas at Austin and must be mailed. Purchase Orders - Purchase Requisitions are not acceptable - can be sent by email. Please make sure that your PO is made out to ITS Software Distribution and Sales, and not to any other department at UT Austin.

When sending checks and POs to SDS, please include as much information as possible, such as TXShop Order Numbers, Agreement Numbers, customer names, etc. If purchasing in TXShop, please also include or attach the receipt/invoice for the TXShop order. We receive a large number of payments from UT System schools; if we are unable to determine to what purchases the payment is to be applied, the processing of your order will be delayed.

  • SDS will NOT complete or ship your order until we have received your check or PO.

  • SDS will NOT send you an invoice. At the end of the TXShop online ordering process, you are responsible for printing the online invoice/receipt and forwarding it to your institution's Accounts Payable office for payment.



Postal Address
The University of Texas at Austin
Software Distribution and Sales
Information Technology Services
P.O. Box 7407, G9805
Austin, TX 78713-7407

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