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Where can I obtain departmental license keys?

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Article Number : KB0011843
Published on : 2019-07-22
Last modified : 2019-07-22 15:46:39
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Volume license keys are only for use on university-owned equipment. There are Key Management Server Keys (KMS) and Multiple Activation Keys (MAK). Products are now activated by Volume Activation 2.0. Faculty and staff using the software on campus will activate by the KMS server. For machines that are not directly connected to the UT Austin Network and do not connect at least once every 4-6 months can request a MAK for activation.


For UT Austin-owned devices that absolutely cannot use KMS (such as systems on FacNet or other restricted networks), departments can request use of the Multiple Activation Key (MAK) through the following process:


- Requests to SDS ( must be submitted by a department head or director-level. (received)

- UT inventory tag numbers for the machines on which the MAK will be used must be included in the request. (please include on exception report)

- A Security Exception Report must be filed with the ISO for the machines that will use the MAK. (please forward approval if report has already been filed)

Upon approval, access to use the MAK will be granted.



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