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TXShop: What if I am trying to renew somebody else's license (or vice versa)?

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Article Number : KB0011837
Published on : 2020-01-13
Last modified : 2020-01-13 16:12:21
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Software Distribution and Sales customer records are based on unique UT Electronic IDs (EIDs).Your sales history is associated with your EID, and nobody else can access it with their EID.

If you do not wish to be in charge of going online and purchasing or renewing your licenses, then you should request that your license be transferred to somebody else. They will become the new license contact and will receive all license-related information. There is currently no way to have multiple contacts for one license (e.g. one person is able to go online and purchase, another receives license codes and updates).

To transfer your license to somebody else, contact SDS requesting that your sales history be transferred. Be sure to indicate which programs you want to transfer (if, for example, you are a license holder under multiple SDS programs), as well as the full detailed contact information of the new license holder (full name, UT Austin EID, UT system email address, department name, mailing address, phone number).




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