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TXShop: I have completed my TXShop purchase. Now what?

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Article Number : KB0011833
Published on : 2022-05-11
Last modified : 2022-05-11 14:32:34
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Completing your purchase in TXShop is just the first step. All orders must be verified by SDS staff before your order can be processed. While the specific details for each order varies, the following steps should apply for most orders.

  1. Upon completion of your order, a receipt/invoice page will be displayed. You should print this page for your records. If this page does NOT display do not place a second order until you have contacted SDS to see if the first one went through. You will receive an automated confirmation email with a link to this invoice and a link to the invoice will also be displayed in your MySDS transaction history.

    Customers who are paying by purchase order should use this as an invoice to initiate payment through their Accounts Payable office. SDS will not generate any additional invoices.

  2. Make sure you have provided SDS with all necessary documentation. Students MUST provide proof of enrollment, and customers purchasing by Purchase Order MUST fax or mail a hard copy of their PO. Failure to take either of these actions WILL result in your order being delayed.

  3. Shortly after completing your purchase, you will receive an automated email with a note that your order has been received in our system and includes a link to view your invoice/receipt online. This is just an automated response, and does not mean that your order has been processed by SDS.

    Thank you for placing your ITS Software Distribution 
    and Sales  order!
    Your order number is: 0CCSOFTDS2004xxxxxxxxx
    Order placed (mm/dd/yy): xx/xx/xx
    Order Amount: $         xx.xx
  4. After SDS staff have had a chance to verify your order (processing time is 1-3 business days during non-peak times and typically within 3-5 business days during peak months), and assuming that everything is correct, you should receive a final email confirmation. If there are any problems with your order (e.g. no proof of enrollment, lacking PO, purchased a renewal for somebody else's license, etc.), your order will be delayed while we follow up with you by email.

  5. Download Installation Files and License Files (as necessary)

    • License fees do not include any shippable items. The installation files are provided as a download. The download information is sent by email to the licensee/purchaser (the email address as entered during the checkout process). The download is restricted to the EID used to place the order online in TXShop. If you have not received download information, please contact Please provide the order number.
  6. If you have any questions about the status of your order, you can send email to Please understand that our order volume is very high each fall, and it may take us several days to get to your order.

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