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TXShop: Can I register my UT EID in MySDS for somebody else's records?

Number of views : 5
Article Number : KB0011821
Published on : 2020-03-25
Last modified : 2020-03-25 18:26:08
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

You can only use your UT EID for your own records.

When you create a UT EID, your name is registered in the EID system. The name registered with the EID MUST match the name registered in your ITS SDS records. If, for example, you create an EID as John Doe, and then try to register it with Jane Smith's SDS records, you will create discrepancies in our system and your order WILL be delayed.

Customers must either renew their licensing online themselves or ask ITS SDS to transfer their license history to somebody else's name.




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