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Tracking the Usage of Shortened URLs

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Article Number : KB0011750
Published on : 2023-07-25
Last modified : 2023-07-25 16:16:33
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

The Short Links service allows you to track how many people have used your short URLs. Both the date and number of times a short URL has been accessed will be stored when tracking is enabled.


Enabling Tracking

To enable tracking for a URL, select the Track Usage box when creating a new short URL.


Viewing Tracking Statistics

If you have enabled tracking for any of your URLs, the View my tracking statistics link will display on the Short Links service page.

Click View my tracking statistics to see a table of tracking-enabled URLs you have created. The links in the Options column allow you to view your statistics in a number of formats.

  • Click View to view your statistics as a Web page.

  • Click CSV to download your statistics as a comma separated values file.

  • Click XLS to download your statistics as an Excel spreadsheet.




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