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My SAS software says that my license has expired

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Article Number : KB0011709
Published on : 2020-11-12
Last modified : 2020-11-12 19:57:51
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

SAS licenses are leased on a fiscal year basis. Annual SAS Installation Data (SID) license files can be obtained by the licensee/purchaser through MySDS. The SID file is tied to the EID used to place the order online in TXShop. If you are the licensee/purchaser and not the end-user, you must download the SID file  and forward it to your end-user(s). This license allows you to use the software from September 1 through August 31.

Typically, SDS will not receive updated SID files until late October or early November. Although the previous year's files will have expired, they have a built-in grace period of 90 days that will allow you to continue using the software through the end of November.




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