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Incidents: SLAs and Priority Matrix

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Article Number : KB0011708
Published on : 2021-05-04
Last modified : 2021-05-04 14:47:11
Knowledge Base : ServiceNow - Public Self Help

Impact and Urgency

Incidents are processed in an order determined by three metrics available in the Incident Form:

Impact: The potential impact that an unresolved issue has on the ability of the business to effectively carry on its activities or deliver its services

Urgency: The speed that is considered appropriate to resolve an issue of a given impact

Priority: How quickly the service desk should address the problem

How to Determine Impact and Urgency

1 - Extensive
  • Entire campus is impacted
  • Critical service (research, education, health or safety) is impacted
2 - Significant
  • College, school or unit (CSU) is impacted by the incident
  • Non-critical service is impacted
3 - Moderate
  • Multiple users or workgroup is impacted
  • Classroom environment or floor
4 - Minor
  • One or fewer users impacted

1 - Critical Affects an entire service, resulting in the inability to perform/provide the functions of the service. No workaround is available.
2 - High Affects a user's ability to perform a function that is critical to their role and standard business operations.
3 - Medium Moderately affects a user's ability to perform functions as a part of their role.
4 - Low Does not impede a user's ability to perform a function or a workaround is available.

How Impact and Urgency Determine Priority

(Automatically set based off selections for Impact & Urgency)



(Automatically set based on Priority)

Name Duration Schedule
Priority 1 Response 15 min 24x7
Priority 1 Resolution 4 hours 24x7
Priority 2 Response 1 hour 8-5 Weekdays Excluding Holidays
Priority 2 Resolution 9 hours 8-5 Weekdays Excluding Holidays
Priority 3 Response 4 hours 8-5 Weekdays Excluding Holidays
Priority 3 Resolution 18 hours 8-5 Weekdays Excluding Holidays
Priority 4 Response 9 hours 8-5 Weekdays Excluding Holidays
Priority 4 Resolution 45 hours 8-5 Weekdays Excluding Holidays

Response SLA stops when ticket is moved to any state besides New or Assigned.

Resolution SLA stops when ticket is closed; pauses when ticket is Pending CustomerPending Vendor, or Resolved.

Business Hours

Business Time SLAs are based on a consideration that business hours are 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, excluding UT holidays.

An Actual Time metric is also available if you need to report on actual response or resolution time as opposed to business response or resolution time.

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