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Add or Extend Disks on a VM

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Article Number : KB0011595
Published on : 2024-05-14
Last modified : 2024-05-14 21:11:13
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Table of Contents

Adding or Extending Disks on a VM

Notes about Disk Additions and Modifications

Extending Existing Disks

Adding or Extending Disks on a VM

Video demonstrations of these some of these processes are available below. 

Adding a Disk to a VM

  1. Navigate to the Virtual Machines menu.


  2. Click the Action menu of the VM.


  3. Click Add Disk.


  4. Fill out the following information:
    • Name: This is important for labeling disks you may want to edit later.
    • Size: Desired size, expressed in GB.
    • Use VM Folder: Make sure this is unchecked.
    • Constraint tags: Use this to choose the disk tier, you must type this into the field. 
      • tier:tier1 (CASE SENSITIVE)
        • Tier 1 is High Performance Storage. The limit is 2000 GB per disk. You can estimate the cost using the cost estimator.
      • tier:tier2 (CASE SENSITIVE)
        • Tier 2 is Mid-Tier Performance Storage. The limit is 4000 GB per disk. You can estimate the cost using the cost estimator.
    • NOTE: Other disk options are strictly optional.


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Notes about Disk Additions and Modifications

  • Disks can be extended but they cannot be reduced. 
  • Disk modifications cannot be executed with a VM snapshot present. 
  • Disks are in VMDK format. 

Add Disk Video

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Extending Existing Disks

  1. Navigate back to Virtual Machines and open the action menu on the VM. Select either Resize Boot Disk or Resize Disk.


  1. Within Resize Boot Disk increase the disk to the desired amount. 


  1. Within Resize Disk
    1. Choose the Disk to be resized; this is where naming disks becomes important.
    2. Increase the size as needed.


  1. Submit the form to modify the disk. 


Additional Videos

Extend Disk

Extend Boot Disk

Delete Disk

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