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Add a Network Adapter

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Article Number : KB0011594
Published on : 2022-02-21
Last modified : 2022-02-21 22:12:48
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

UT-VMG - Add a Network Adapter

You cannot add an additional network adapter to the same network (vLAN) name. If you require an additional IP address on the same network open a ServiceNow ticket with UT-VMG admins requesting an IP address allocation. Also, customers who are using UT-VMG shared vLAN networks should open a SNow ticket with UT-VMG admins to submit DNS requests for the newly added IP address on their VM. See, UT-VMG - Adding IP addresses to existing VMs. The steps below also apply to customers who own their vLAN and manually assigns IP addresses to their VMs. If this is the case, there will be no intervention required from UT-VMG admins. Just add the network adapter, allocate an IP address (from your range), and submit a DNS request. If you are adding a network adapter to a Windows 2012 and Windows 2012 R2 server, please see, UT-VMG - Windows 2012 + Virtual NIC Driver issue.


Add Network Adapter to VM

  • Log into the UT-VMG interface (
  • Select the Deployment tab
  • Click on the deployment containing the VM you're wanting to reconfigure (VM name visible under the "Resource" column in the deployment)
  • Click on Reconfigure in the actions menu
  • Click on the Network tab
  • Click (plus) to add a Network Adapter
  • Select the appropriate network (vLAN) name
  • Click (tick) to save the change
  • Click on the Execution tab
  • Select when you want the request to be executed and the power action of the VM
  • Click Submit

View IP address Properties (you must have at least "support role" rights to view this)

  • Click on your VM name 
  • Click on the Network tab
  • Click View under custom properties for the newly added network adapter
  • A Custom Properties pop-up window will appear with the IP address information allocated to the network adapter

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