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Eligibility: Who may NOT use products covered under the contract?

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Article Number : KB0011537
Published on : 2022-05-11
Last modified : 2022-05-11 14:34:09
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

The following types of individuals are NOT eligible to use software licensed under the Microsoft Campus Agreement:

  • Individuals not associated with the University of Texas System are not covered under this agreement.

  • Students who are not currently enrolled in matriculating programs at schools in the UT System and who have not graduated (i.e. dropped out or taking a semester off) are NOT eligible to continue using the software. Any products obtained under the MSCA must be uninstalled immediately.

  • Former UT System employees (including retirees) are NOT eligible under this agreement. If you no longer have an active appointment with the University, you must immediately uninstall products obtained under the MSCA.

  • Contractors and temporary part-time workers are NOT covered under the agreement. This includes companies, and their employees, who have been hired on a contractual basis for services on or off campus. (i.e., individuals not directly employed by UT System).

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